Curso - External Quality Control: Tool for Quality Improvement

Data: 07 de Abril 2017

Hora: das 10h00 às 13h00

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Description: Laboratory investigations play an important role the establishment of the diagnosis of a patients and monitoring treatment. It is therefore important that the laboratory delivers reliable results to the physician. A proper quality management system to control laboratory processes is therefore indispensable. Within the total quality management system external quality control (EQC) plays a specific role. The importance of EQC and its relationship with internal quality control will be explained. It will be discussed how to use properly the information which can be obtained from EQC survey reports and how it may help in quality improvement processes. A practical tool for troubleshooting will be discussed. And lastly, tools for long-term evaluation of survey results will be discussed. These tools may also be used in relation to introduction of six-sigma in the laboratory. During the course several practical examples and exercises will be used.

Level: This course is meant for laboratory personnel (technicians, clinical chemists) and quality managers who are involved in the daily practice of quality control.